Our Goals

In our second year as a project team, CUSB is excited for the challenges we will face and the growth that we will experience. As a team that prioritizes success and progress, we have laid out the following goals for ourselves. These goals embody our aspirations for the 2017-2018 academic year.



We will utilize our previous research and development of solar energy to efficiently power our speed boat. Using customized solar panels, we will train our team to provide a solar energy application of professional quality.



We will design, fabricate, and assemble a boat for the Solar Splash Competition. After spending this past year observing the competition, we are prepared to push forward with our production process in time for competition in June.

We will then send the boat to the competition, race, and win!






We will build upon our team foundation to guarantee future years of success, and enact an organizational plan to encourage design iteration and improvement. In this process, we will emphasize innovation to maintain a competitive edge.