Drivetrain and Steering Sub Team

The Drivetrain & Steering sub team designs and implements everything from the motor to the propeller, and from the steering wheel to the rudder. D&S team members work extensively with conceptual design, CAD, analysis, and machining.

Hull Sub Team

The Hull sub team works on designing and constructing the hull of the boat, the internal frame, the cockpit, and the bilge pump system. In order to accomplish this, the team researches and implements CAD software, finite element analysis, and fiberglass composite manufacturing techniques.

Systems Control Sub Team

The System Controls sub-team focuses on controlling the motor and gathering real-time sensor data. The responsibilities of this sub-team include (but are not limited to): everything from the batteries to the motor, safety mechanisms, speed control, status data, and skipper-to-shore communication.”

Solar Sub Team

The solar sub team designs, fabricates, and assembles a high power (500W+) solar system for the boat. They work on soldering and encapsulating the panels, framing and mounting the panels onto the hull, and circuit design and wiring. The sub team's goal is to create a high power charging system to quickly replenish battery levels during the competition's endurance events.

Business Sub Team

The business team is comprised of students of all majors with a passion for business and getting things done. The business team controls the financing, budgeting, and fundraising of the team.