Meet the Team!

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Chaim Futran

Chaim Futran is a senior mechanical engineering student with an affinity for entrepreneurship. Chaim is the President of the Solar Boat project team, and a member of the Hull mechanical subteam. Chaim hails from New Rochelle, NY; in his free time, he enjoys outdoor running, water and snow skiing, coin collecting and skeet shooting.

Nicholas Heisler

Nicholas Heisler is the lead of the business team for CUSB. He is in charge of raising corporate sponsorship, budgeting the team project, and managing other operations like website design. He is a Junior double-majoring in Economics and Near Eastern Studies. He loves volunteering and playing basketball.

Meghna Srivastava

Meghna Srivastava is a junior studying Materials Science & Engineering and is the Solar subteam lead of CU Solar Boat. She is also a member of the Cornell wind band, CU Winds, where she plays clarinet. Her hobbies include music, reading, and spending time with friends.

Amanda Trang

Amanda Trang is the System Controls subteam lead, working on the integration of the mechanical and electrical systems of the boat. She is a junior electrical and computer engineer with an interest in game design. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano and dogspotting.

Liam Strejcek

Liam Strejcek is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and serves as the team Vice President and Drivetrain and Steering Subteam Lead. Outside of Solar Boat, Liam is also captain of the Cornell club gymnastics men's team.

Samuel Kooijmans

Samuel is a junior double majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainability and Applied Economics and Management. While Samuel spends a lot of time on his studies and on project team, he also loves sailing, skiing, and dancing.

Kristen Ajmo

Kristen Ajmo is a junior in the College of Engineering focusing on Environmental Engineering. Kristen loves reading, is a member of the marching band, and snowboards regularly. She's a member of the electrical team.

Theresa Starnes

Theresa Starnes is a junior majoring in Operations Research and Information Engineering with a minor in business. When she’s not working with the business team, Theresa can be found traveling, cooking, and playing soccer.

Wenduo Nie

While a member of the electrical subteam, Wenduo is a junior majoring in Material Science and Engineering. Having traveled all the way from Shanghai, Wendou has a passion for electrical engineering and also loves to swim.

Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox is a senior majoring in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and serves as the Hull subteam lead. Ryan also loves weightlifting and swimming.

Jeen Yan Toh

Jeen Yan Toh is a sophomore majoring in ECE and is a member of the electrical team. Jeen loves traveling, dancing, and cooking.

Hannah Contreras

Hanah hails from Chicago, Illinois. She has a strong passion for renewable energy, and is currently studying environmental engineering. She is also a member of the varsity softball team.

Atsu Kludze

Atsu is from Manassas, Virgina. He has an interest in learning and playing card games. In his free time he loves to watch Rick and Morty and enjoys following competitive Overwatch.

Bettina Aristorenas

Bettina is a Junior from Medfield, a small town in Massachusetts. She likes traveling, hiking, and being outdoors (preferably near water). She is a big fan of exploring new places and cultures, and especially their food! She is majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in sustainable energy systems. Her other professional interests include aerospace and environmental engineering.

Morena Rong

A sophomore CS major from Shanghai, Morena is doing an ECE minor as well. Her favorite coding language is Java and in her free time she sleeps and occasionally play her flute.

Emily Vick

Emily is a freshman that is currently on track to major in ECE. She hails from Birmingham, Alabama (Go Blazers!). In her spare time, she is up for anything outdoorsy or for relaxing.

Mark Gottlieb

Mark Gottlieb is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering and is a member of the Systems Control subteam. Mark also enjoys spending time outside and swimming.

Emma Sung

Emma is from Newport Beach, California. She likes to bake, paint, hike and sleep.

Arjun Suri

Arjun is from New Delhi, India. He is planing to major in Operations Research in the college of Engineering. He enjoys solving logic riddles and math trick question and loves watching TV Shows such as Sherlock and Suits. Arjun can also jam to Kendrick Lamar or Drake any time.

Atsutse Kludze

Atsutse's interests are reading fiction. His favorite book is a "Flowers for Algernon". He also enjoys learning riddle games (his favorite game is called ‘this is a game’). His newest interest however is coding. Although he does not plan to major in computer science, he loves the fact that he is learning a skill beyond his expectations. He plans on creating a program that puts his favorite riddles into code.

Benjamin Xing

Benjamin Xing is a freshman interested in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and a member of the Drivetrain and Steering subteam; he hails from the (sales tax free!) state of Delaware, and he enjoys playing tennis, violin, and the board game Go.

Erica Pye

Erica Pye, a New York City native, is a freshman on the hull sub-team who plans to major in Mechanical Engineering. In her free time, Erica likes to arrange piano and guitar covers, practice digital painting, fawn over cat pictures, and bake too many cookies.

Cece He

Cece is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, with an interest in aerospace engineering and computer science. In her free time, she enjoys working out at the gym, badminton, skiing, swimming. She is also a big fan of the GS Warriors.

Cayla Hamann

Cayla is a sophomore studying Computer Science. An amateur lumberjack, Cayla loves long snowy winters during which she is often seen chopping down 30 foot long Christmas trees. She also enjoys going on impromptu bike rides around Cayuga lake.